Rapper killed by wife who kept pieces of her body in the fridge

It’s a story that shivers down your spine. In Ukraine, Alexander Yushko, a rapper better known as Andy Cartwright, was killed by his wife. As the Sun reports, the 30-year-old was killed after 36-year-old Marina Kukhal cut him to pieces. According to media information, the latter would also have kept parts of her husband’s body in her fridge. Arrested by the police, Marina Kukhal confessed to having severed the limbs of her husband, but for the time being, experts are awaiting forensic results.

But then, for what reason (s) did Marina Kukhal kill her husband? Well according to the statements of the main concerned, she would have found Alexander Yushko dead of an overdose at their home. Not wishing her fans to learn of this banal death, she would then have decided to cut him into pieces. For their part, the investigators fear that the rapper’s fans will attack her. “She was afraid to get rid of the body and say it was missing,” writes The Sun. Note that due to the coronavirus crisis, the man in question had started to take medication, feeling too stressed by the situation.

A scene worthy of a horror movie

Note that to cut her husband, Marina Kukhal used several tools including a knife, a hammer, a hacksaw, a plastic bowl and a cutting board. In addition to the fridge, she placed some scraps of her husband in the bedroom. “The remains were kept in Alexander’s room (in black bins)” added his lawyer. Not seeming to have any health concerns, the now widow, who is waiting to be tried, would repeat over and over again: “But what did I do?”

A rapper killed by his wife, she kept pieces of his body in the fridge © Capture Youtube

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