It is a terrible story that Marie Claire magazine has updated. In a file devoted to cases of gynecological violence which have led many women to live without medical follow-up, edifying testimonies have been recounted. First, let’s put the context on this recurring problem for many French women: according to the Ifop polling institute, “60% of women have already given up gynecological care”. And the reasons that lead to this number are many.

Waiting times that are too long, a busy schedule, discomfort with one’s own body, especially among those under 25, but also… fear of the gynecologist. It is on this last fact that the magazine Marie Claire has decided to look, by collecting testimonials that are chilling in the back. Like Cassandra’s: “I was only 16 the first time, she never explained to me what she was going to do to me. It traumatized me so much that I did not consult for four years after that. , until the day when I no longer had a choice.

A teenager raped by the gynecologist who gave birth to her mother

Another, that of a woman who wished to remain anonymous, is completely traumatic. The latter was raped by the gynecologist who supervised her mother’s delivery, and therefore her own birth. During a consultation as a teenager with this same man, she explained to him that she encountered pain during sexual intercourse. It was then that the specialist asked him to position himself in a “clearly suggestive” way. And the tragedy happened.

The gynecologist made his fingers penetrate, “long and without explaining anything”. “I ask him to stop because I’m in pain. He verbally denies my pain, and continues,” testified the young woman, now 23, who has never seen a gynecologist since. more than obvious reasons. These facts of gynecological violence, brought to light recently, deserve to be much more singled out.

Raped by a gynecologist © Pexels

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