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Rania from Jordan: the very glamorous career she almost had

Half a century later, Rania of Jordan remains a beauty queen and a style icon. The delicacy of her features, her presence and her looks always at the forefront of the trend have long received many praise. In its issue of Thursday, September 3, 2020, Point of View reports that nothing predestined the philanthropist to a palace life. Indeed, born of a doctor father and a housewife mother, Rania Al-Yassin almost started a career in fashion. After studying at an international school in Jordan, the future wife of Prince Abdullah is reluctant to get into modeling. Finally, the weekly media reports that the latter decided to continue her studies at the American University of Cairo in business administration.

The meeting with his future

After a stay in Geneva, the one who would become Queen moved to Amman where she worked for the CityBank then for the big machine, Apple. Very quickly, the young woman evolves in the upper spheres of Jordanian society. At just 22 years old, thanks to her professional knowledge, she was invited to dinner with one of the daughters of King Hussein, her future father-in-law. There, she meets Prince Abdallah and the two quickly become inseparable. In an interview with Australian magazine Stella, the latter said: “he had such a big smile and such infectious energy, we got along really well. And we know the rest, as they say”

Two months later, the palace announced their engagement. A year later, the couple decided to get married. A quick decision but one that lovers will never regret since on June 10, Queen Rania and her husband celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. On this occasion, the activist posted a loving message to King Abdullah on Instagram: “How could you not fall in love with that smile over and over again for 27 years. So lucky and grateful to have you at my sides, happy birthday “.

Rania from Jordan © Dana Press

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