Rania from Jordan: look back at her discreet war with her stepmother

Little is known about the Jordanian royal family. King Abdullah II and his wife, Queen Rania, are flooding social media with charming family photos. Proud of their four children, the couple have gradually brought them to the forefront. But behind the decorum, an ego war would have taken place a few years ago. On one side, Queen Noor and on the other her daughter-in-law, Queen Rania. In 1977, Elizabeth Halaby arrived in Jordan from the United States where she was born and met King Hussein who had just lost his wife, Queen Alia, in a helicopter crash. The following year, and after converting to Islam, she gave up her original first name when she married the monarch. She then became Noor al Hussein of Jordan. In her memories, she confided that her integration into this already full family had not been easy. Even more so for a foreigner. In 1993, Jordan celebrated a new royal wedding: that of Abdallah II and Rania.

Obviously a guest at the royal wedding, Queen Noor was not included in the official photograph. An affront to her. But a will from her daughter-in-law? Because at the time, rumors of disagreements between the two women were rife. “A year later, Rania slipped a journalist from the Financial Times an ‘I’m not jealous’ which speaks volumes,” recalls Point de Vue, which evokes a real “struggle for influence” between the two women, “ambitious “. In recent years, they have fought against each other. When one was discreet, the other would cover worldly events around the world. And yet they have a lot in common. Starting with their struggles “in favor of peace, women, children and the environment”, recalls the magazine. Like Rania, Queen Noor created her own foundation and “gives the world the image of a sovereign open to the West and anxious to shatter stereotypes about her adopted country”.

The Royal Palace intervenes

“Coming from two cultures, I was able to understand them both”, she confided to Point de vue in 1997. But unlike Queen Rania, who keeps a low profile, no question for Noor not to express your own opinions. Even if it means crumpling the Jordanian Crown. “A fervent supporter of denuclearization, in 2015 she joined Hollywood celebrities during a campaign in favor of the agreement on the resting of the Iranian nuclear program”, recalls the weekly specialist of the crowned heads. At the time, his engagement inherited the throne, which then publicly spoke out to attack it. “Any opinion expressed by a person other than the king or the heir to the throne reflects only his personal views,” said the Royal Palace.

Noor and Rania from Jordan © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES

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