This is sad news that has shaken many users of social networks. Indeed, Rania the 16-year-old girl known on the Web died on Thursday, October 15, 2020. This young girl was suffering from the extremely rare genetic disease of progeria, also called Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome. To date, there is no medical treatment to treat people affected by this scourge, which results in particular in accelerated aging. Rania was a star on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Able to make fun of herself, the young girl marked many Internet users with her atypical personality and her courageous way of overcoming the disease. Originally from Annemasse, in Haute-Savoie, she was known for her humorous videos filmed with in particular the youtubeur Gamemixtreizeoff. The latter paid tribute to him in front of the camera, explaining to his fans that he was still in shock at the terrible news. “I do not believe it (…) We do not have the impression that she is gone”, he begins with regret, before rejoicing that Rania has been able to realize her dreams, like have a community on social networks, give an interview or even make music. Saturday, October 17 in the afternoon, a rally was organized in his memory in his home town.

Gamemixtreize speaks after the announcement of the sudden death of his friend Rania. She made him a promise before she died … Rest in peace little angel #Rania

– Snapchat RED (@Snapchat_RED) October 15, 2020

A network star who had a lot of fans

The teenager was a little lucky in her misfortune, namely to live three years longer than expected, since the life expectancy of those who suffer from this disease is only thirteen years … On her Instagram account, Rania was followed by more than 771,000 people. On YouTube, 352,000 people watched his videos.


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