At 50, Ramzy Bédia is the proud father of four children: Salomé (22), born of his relationship with former television presenter Sandrine Bogaert, Ella (20) and Ava (14) with director Anne Depétrini, and a little boy, born in 2020 from his relationship with Marion. If the actor had never revealed the first name of this one, he agreed to make it public in the program En aparté, on Canal +. During the show, when he received a poster of George Foreman and Muhammad Ali’s boxing fight in 1974 as a gift, the actor exclaimed: “Funny thing is that I am so passionate about boxing that I called my son Georges Ali. Because it’s the biggest fight of all time for me, so my son is called like that.”

Discreet about his private life, Ramzy Bédia had never mentioned his son in the media. In June 2020, when his partner was pregnant, he had only revealed in the columns of GQ: “The truth is that I loved the confinement! Finally, I no longer went to the restaurant and I recovered to make food. Finally, I started eating with my children around the table. My wife was pregnant, I was able to attend her last two months of pregnancy, be by her side.” If the actor speaks little of his children in the press, his ex, Anne Depétrini had mentioned their two daughters in the columns of Télé Star. In August 2021, she had thus confided: “They grew up with the rise of social networks. We parents find it difficult to follow somehow. I tried to keep them at a distance from violence. I checked that they weren’t being harassed. But at the same time, you mustn’t be too intrusive. I see that today, they’ve calmed down. They’ve found their way. “

Why did Ramzy Bédia and Anne Depétrini separate?

After twelve years of love, the actor and the director put an end to their relationship. Guest on the program Chez Jordan, for Télé-Loisirs, Anne Depétrini explained: “It happened at a time when he was exploding and me, it was the end of Canal. I stopped working in 2002. It was a little more complicated for my ego because I was no longer on TV. And he really has an impressive notoriety. In the street, at the time, he couldn’t take three steps (.. .) There was no room for two. It was complicated to exist. I never had a delirious notoriety. Already that, I had trouble ingesting it.” Closing, she added, “It’s not fame that kills a couple. They end when they have to end.”

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