For years, Ralf Little has become a staple face of British comedy. In France, it is mainly thanks to his role as Neville Parker in the series Meurtres au paradis that viewers know him. A role he adores, just like his partner, Lindsey Ferrentino. Like him, the young woman gravitates in the world of comedy since she has been a playwright and screenwriter in the United States for many years. Since her father and uncle are comedians, she grew up in the world of stand-up and theater. And it is also thanks to this common passion that Lindsey Ferrentino met Ralf Little. It was in 2016, when she wrote the play Ugly Lies The Boes in which her future sweetheart starred.

“She came to Guadeloupe for a month while I was shooting and she wrote three films there,” the actor told the Mirror. And the career of the young woman strengthens the respect of the actor. “She’s doing really well. If we were ever to be a powerful couple, I would have to seriously improve my game,” he joked a few years ago. Her career is exploding in a way that makes me both incredibly proud and obscure. jealous.” Very in love with the screenwriter, Ralf Little asked her for her hand in September 2018. “It was very romantic. We were in a country house, it was a big surprise”, he confided, happy, to the Mirror.

Ralf Little: why he’s not married yet

“She told me that if she ever got engaged, she wanted to wear her grandmother’s ring. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And I was able to get it. It was awesome,” he added. And for the British actor, this marriage proposal could not be more symbolic since the couple live most of the time separated because of their careers since she lives in the USA and he lives in Great Britain. But lovers have not yet been able to say “yes” to each other for life, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to health restrictions elsewhere, Ralf Little and Lindsey Ferrentino could not see each other for many months. But the distance has only strengthened the relationship of the engaged couples, who hope to be able to marry as early as 2022, if the epidemic allows them.


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