A difficult announcement… During a press conference organized on Thursday July 7, 2022, Rafael Nadal withdrew before the semi-finals at Wimbledon. “I have an abdominal tear. We discussed all day about the decision to take, but it does not make sense to play if I want to continue my career. If I play, the injury will get worse and worse,” said he let know. Disappointed, the tennis player explained: “I made this decision because I can’t win two more matches. I can’t serve. can’t do my move.”

Facing reporters, Rafael Nadal said: “Out of respect for myself, I don’t want to show up on the court without being competitive enough to play at the level I need to achieve my goal, while having a great chance to aggravate the injury”, before adding: “I cannot take the risk of playing this match against Nick Kyrgios and finding myself deprived of competition for two or three months.” Injured during his match against Taylor Fritz, the tennis player had nevertheless managed to overcome the pain. “The decision was good because I finished the match and on top of that I won. I’m not the kind of person who looks back after making a decision. You learn from your mistakes, I try not to not repeat them, but I didn’t want to give up and leave the court in the middle of a match,” he said. Despite everything, his father and sister had signaled him to give up.

Rafael Nadal: ‘It became very painful’

Referring to his tear, the athlete explained: “I had abdominal problems for a week, but I was able to control it. Yesterday (Wednesday, editor’s note), it became very painful. The very small injury that I had a few days earlier had grown.” Finally, he added about his recovery: “It’s going to take three, four weeks. That’s usually the time for this kind of injury. So hopefully it will allow me to maintain my planned program. I can’t not play right away, but in a week I’ll be able to play from the baseline. Obviously I won’t be able to serve for a while.” Upset, many Internet users have given him their support. “Get well Rafa. Come back stronger than ever for the US Open!” ; “It’s so sad, but his health and well-being come first”; “I am heartbroken for Rafa. He has nothing to prove and gave his best. His efforts yesterday were nothing short of Herculean! Praying for a speedy recovery and lots of rest! “, can we read.

Rafael Nadal © Antoine Couvercelle


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