Radiant Elizabeth II with her pristine solar look

Smiling and more radiant than ever, Queen Elizabeth appears in one of her summer dresses. This one is flowery yellow and makes it more beautiful than ever. The queen chose to wear a pearl necklace and earrings of the same nature. She chose this simple, yet very stylish outfit for her first audience since the 2020 lockdown. Queen Elizabeth II also spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Windsor Castle on June 15, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II’s sublime sundress warms hearts on Instagram. In addition, she opted to wear a sublime diamond brooch during the hearing last Tuesday at Windsor. This is a brooch that was given to him on his first trip to Australia. It was the Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies who gave him this magnificent brooch in 1954 as part of a banquet.

The Queen’s brooch is set with white diamonds and yellow diamonds, colors that go well with her dress. In describing the brooch, the Royal Collection Trust talks about “the flowers are tree flowers and the brooch is shaped like a wattling, a tree native to south-eastern Australia”.

“Everyone was talking about you at dinner the next night”

During his brief audience with Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Scott Morrison complimented him on his success at the G7 summit. According to his words, Queen Elizabeth II had made a real “tobacco” with the guests of the G7. She had indeed attended a dinner gathering the leaders of the G7, but which Scott Morrison had been absent. In this regard, the Prime Minister said that the dinner “was just the G7 members” before adding “We are an extension partner, as they call them, but you have been a hit”.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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