A drama that left no one indifferent … Sunday May 8, 2022, Antoine Alléno died at the age of 24. At a red light, while he was on a scooter, the young man was violently hit by a driver, who had stolen an Audi RS6 a few moments earlier. Friday May 13, 2022, a few hours before the funeral of Yannick Alléno’s son, Rachida Dati spoke on her Instagram account. With emotion, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris wrote: “My dear Yannick, I will be in communion of tenderness with you and with Antoine who enters into the peace of the Lord, because at the same time I am accompanying my friend Gérard Loureiro to the eternal life. Antoine and Gérard, our prayers carry you: rest in peace!” A message that touched the starred chef, who replied: “Dear friend, Antoine will be very well surrounded! Your thoughts and your words in the first moments of the drama that affected our family were strong, important, committed! As you are!”

The day after his son’s funeral, Yannick Alléno spoke again on Instagram. Wishing to thank the people who had been present at his side, he thus shared: “Yesterday, he had around him thousands of strong and loving arms to carry him to heaven in this collegiate church of Poissy flowered in white. Indeed, the family of the young man, his companion, and his childhood friends had responded to send him a last goodbye. In the caption of a snapshot of his son, the starred chef added that he thanked Rachida Dati for “his call at the first moments.” To conclude, it is with a certain emotion that he declared: “I have only just understood this morning the lack that will haunt me all my life, then its energy lodged in the depths of my body will serve, through the association ‘Antoine Alleno’ to support the victims of repeat offenders.”

Yannick Alléno is proud of his son’s journey

On Friday May 13, 2022, the starred chef made a heartbreaking statement on Instagram. Proud of his son, he wrote: “Your project!! Father and Son Burgers! We were talking about it and you said to me ‘chii hot’! You did it so well my son so well!! I’m proud of you It’s crazy to look at your life and see your action! Everyone who met that smile and that look remembers!” In mourning, Yannick Alléno had added: “Your brother Thomas, your big brother and I will build again and again, with you to guide us, with this high gaze that you have from the heavens, even more beautiful things! let us love and cry for you with all our bodies Antoine Alléno! My angel our adored child!”

Yannick Alléno © COADIC GUIREC

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