Rachel Zoe: actress’s 9-year-old son in terrible ski accident

Rachel Zoe shared on Instagram the tragedy she and her family experienced over the weekend while on a ski vacation. The American stylist first posted, in a story, a photo of her 9 year old son, Skyler Morrison, in a hospital bed with the message: “I don’t usually share that sort of thing, this time I’m posting this to remind everyone how fragile life is and how it can turn upside down in a minute, says mum before continuing, it’s a picture of Sky in the emergency room. I’ll tell more about it. ‘is over when I feel ready. ”

Rachel’s son Zoe falls 12 meters high on ski

However, the fashion designer was keen to reassure her fans right away: “Sky is doing great and he’s the bravest boy I’ve ever known, but me and Roger are broken and numb, but we woke up today ‘ hui with the joy that, by some miracle, Sky is well. ” In the following story, Rachel Zoe went into great detail about what happened to her son, Skyler. The latter fell 12 meters high when falling from a chairlift. The 9-year-old boy owes his salvation only to a rescue patrol who came to his aid.

Many messages of support after the horrific accident of Rachel Zoe’s son

The son of the fashion designer then spoke on the latter’s Instagram account to give his news in person. On one video, he is seen getting out of bed in his pajamas saying, “Hi everyone. I’m fine, just sore. To show you I’m fine I’m going to get up. Look, I can stand up. Get up and I can walk. See, I’m perfectly fine, repeated the little boy, it’s just that I’m in a little pain and I’m a little hurt, but I’m fine. ” Rachel Zoe also thanked the many Internet users who had sent her messages of support.

Rachel Zoe’s son has a terrible fall © Backgrid USA

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