Some people hold a nagging grudge, and American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is certainly one of them. Invited in the podcast The Moment, the director of Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction or even Django Unchained revealed that his mother was giving him a hard time because of his problems at school: “She was attacking me all the time because of that. In the middle of one of her tirades, she said to me: ‘Oh and while we’re at it, your little career as an author?’ with quotes: “Your little career as an author? This shit is over. She just wanted to tell me not to do it in class when I was supposed to be doing something else.”

Quentin Tarantino took very badly the fact that his mother did not support him when he was young: “When she said that to me in a sarcastic way, I was like in my head: Alright ma’am. When I become a bestselling author, you will never see a euro coming from me. There will be no home for you. There will be no vacation for you, no Cadillac for you mum. You will have nothing after you say that “. So the podcast hosts asked Tarantino if he had finally followed this course of action, and if he was going to change it: “Yes I did. I helped her when she had a problem with taxes. , but no house, no Cadillac! “.

Quentin Tarantino won’t change his mind with his mother

Quentin Tarantino assures him that he will not change his mind and that parents should be more careful what they say to their children: “The words you use with your children have consequences. has consequences when you use a sarcastic tone to talk about what is important to them ”. This lack of support hasn’t stopped Quentin Tarantino from being successful as a director. All his films have been successful and the most recent, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood has been awarded several times. Tarantino having stated on several occasions that he will only make ten films in his career, he is expected to retire after the next one.

Quentin Tarantino © Backgrid USA

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