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Queen’s banned royals documentary resurfaces on YouTube, 50 years later

Fans of the British royal family will be delighted … well almost. A former documentary soberly titled “Royal Family” was released on the BBC channel in 1969. The documentary delves into the intimate and personal life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family at the time. Prince Philip thought it would be interesting to open the doors of the royal palaces and show the people their daily life within the monarchy, only his wife Queen Elizabeth II did not see it the same way. She regretted having made this documentary and therefore decided to ban it in 1972.

Until a completely unexpected new twist came five decades later. An internet user again posted the documentary in question on YouTube on Thursday, January 28. As CNN reports, the documentary traces the professional life of Queen Elizabeth II but also her life at home over an entire year. People specifies that some scenes from Netflix’s The Crown series would even be inspired by the documentary. Moreover, this mysterious documentary was precisely quoted in an episode of the third season of The Crown.

A cult documentary

According to information from Le Point, the mysterious hacker who succeeded would have infiltrated the security of the computer system of the Palace as well as of the BBC. “The film should never have been on YouTube and, as soon as it appeared, the BBC had it removed citing the copyright enjoyed by the Queen,” said a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace. Henceforth, it has therefore been removed from the platform. The 110-minute documentary was reportedly watched by 30 million people in 1969, and remains one of the UK’s most watched and famous films. The BBC estimates that more than 350 million people have seen it around the world.

Queen Elizabeth II © © WPA rota / KCS PRESS

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