The new wave of Covid-19 is raging in Europe. In an official statement dated January 4, Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden were declared to be Covid-19 positive. Another news has also just fallen on the side of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has also tested positive for Covid-19. According to the Swedish court’s short press release, the King and Queen of Sweden performed the test on the evening of January 3. However, King Carl XVI Gustaf, 75, was triply vaccinated, recalls Paris Match. The same goes for his wife, Queen Silvia, 78 years old.

The Swedish Palace nevertheless wishes to stress that the sovereigns “show mild symptoms and feel good in these circumstances”. Also according to the Palace, King Carl XVI Gustaf and his wife, Queen Silvia of Sweden, isolated themselves in their home in accordance with the rules in force. It is roughly the same scenario on the side of the husband of Maria Teresa of Luxembourg. The 66-year-old Grand Duke of Luxembourg is also in solitary confinement despite showing only mild symptoms. The Grand Ducal Court informed that the sovereign “will continue to exercise his functions” despite his current state.

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri was also triply vaccinated

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg has already received two doses of the vaccine and a booster, yet his tests have all been positive. Indeed, according to information from the Palace, the monarch had done a self-test which turned out positive before confirming the result with a PCR test. Because of his contamination, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg had to adapt his program. He had to cancel leave hearings scheduled for January 5, according to Paris Match. In addition, the Grand Duke Henri will proceed to the swearing-in of the new ministers Claude Haagen, Georges Engel and Yuriko Backes by videoconference from the castle of Berg.

King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and Queen Silvia of Sweden © Dana Press

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