Torrential rains are currently affecting Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. This led to a consequent rise in the waters. Moreover, we already deplore the death of dozens of people because of the flooding caused by these bad weather. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima made a point of meeting the victims on their way to Valkenburg aan de Geul. This is an impromptu visit by the royal couple near the Belgian border, just a few kilometers from Maastricht. Note that King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, for their part, also visited the flood victims 40 km away. Belgian royalty visited the evacuees near Liège.

King Willem-Alexander was particularly keen to visit this locality. The latter being the most affected by the flooding of the river forming a confluence with the Meuse.

“Queen Maxima changes her outfit for the occasion”

Prior to this impromptu visit, Queen Maxima was at the unveiling of a 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam. For this event, she had chosen a beautiful orange dress. As an accessory, she wore a straw hat. An outfit that she had to exchange for boots in order to be able to join the victims. The King and Queen of the Netherlands have listened carefully to the experiences of residents and entrepreneurs. The latter suffered damage to their homes, business premises and their property in general. These huge floods also deprived residents of electricity.

The King and Queen also spoke with aid workers. The latter have been engaged since Tuesday to help the evacuation of people. They also help put in place measures to limit damage to bridges, roads and buildings.

The King and Queen of the Netherlands © Dana Press

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