The Netherlands Bach Society was founded in 1921 in Naarden to perform Bach’s Saint Matthew Passion. Since the founding of the company, this piece by composer Bach has been performed every Good Friday. The event has even become a real tradition in the Netherlands. This play is even so important that Atzo Nicolai, the former foreign minister compared it to the play The Messiah. “The Saint Matthew Passion during Holy Week is more important in the Netherlands than the Messiah at Christmas everywhere else,” he said.

On the evening of September 25, 2021, the royal couple from the Netherlands visited Utrecht. There, the King and Queen of the Netherlands listened to the entire Bach Society play Die Kunst her Fuge. According to the Royal Central, conductor Shunske Sato took over the direction of the ensemble. The particularity of this piece is that Bach, its composer, did not specify the instruments to be used for his interpretation. King and Queen Maxima took the opportunity to meet the various artists of the ensemble and other members of the Dutch Bach Society.

The Bach Society of the Netherlands launched the All of Bach project

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the ensemble has set up the All of Bach project. The project serves to make the works of composer Johann Sebastian Bach more accessible to everyone. Thus, the company intends to record and put all of Bach’s pieces on YouTube in 1080p. Besides the high picture quality, the sound quality of the recordings will also be ensured. It should be noted that the company has also set up the Young Bach Fellowship program. The aim of this program is to train young musicians in the interpretation of baroque music.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands © Backgrid USA

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