Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was visiting Schiedam on Tuesday, November 30. A visit made on the occasion of the launch of a network to help residents avoid getting into debt. This was the launch of Schuldenlab MVS. The latter is a public-private partnership network. Its objective is to free the inhabitants of Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam from their debts. An initiative that, of course, the queen supports.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is known to be a true royal fashion figure. Moreover, it has lived up to its reputation during this visit to Schiedam. Indeed, the sovereign was particularly elegant in her total red look. For the occasion, the queen had opted for a midi dress signed Dolce & Gabbana. A crimson dress cinched at the waist with a belt highlighting the beautiful silhouette of the Queen of the Netherlands. Over it, she chose a long red coat with a ruffled neckline. As accessories, she had chosen glamorous earrings and a burgundy clutch. As for makeup, Queen Maxima chose glamor with mascara, golden eye shadow and pink lipstick.

The daughter of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands does not want to be queen

Not long ago, Queen Maxima’s daughter, Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, made a shocking confession. Indeed, the princess had admitted that she did not feel ready to become queen. Moreover, in an authorized biography, Amalia, 17, states that she would ask her mother to replace her. This is in the event that his father, King Willem-Alexander, dies suddenly. “But I said to my dad: you have to continue to eat healthy and exercise a lot,” adds Princess Amalia.

This biography entitled “Amalia” was written in agreement with the royal family to mark the 18th birthday of the princess. In this biography of Claudia de Breij, we can read that Amalia had a part-time job in a seaside cafe. The princess would also have turned to a career as a singer or horseback riding if she was not dedicated. to become queen according to the biography.

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