On November 10, 2021, Queen Letizia of Spain attended an event organized by the BBVA Foundation. This is a microfinance-focused event (BBVA) “Connected by the Digital Opportunity” that took place at the foundation’s headquarters. The objective is to highlight the importance of digitization as a lever for the development of vulnerable people. The event also aimed to clarify the role of digitization in order to make financial services more accessible.

As always, Queen Letizia looked simply stunning at this event. The queen is renowned for her particularly accessible fashion pieces. She, of course, stayed true to herself by opting for a new ethnic gold striped dress by Michonet. This very colorful dress was not lacking in elegance.

️In #FMBBVAConectados, la Reina ha señalado que 3.500M de personas no tienen acceso a internet y lo que significa para ellos: “quedarse fuera del acceso a servicios de muchos tipos pero también a la información, comunicación, educacio y conocimiento.” ➡️https: //t.co/kzm2LLh3iP pic.twitter.com/Jo4H3Crjfb

– Casa de S.M. el Rey (@CasaReal) November 10, 2021

Letizia, the Queen of Spain opts for a very trendy dress

This piece from Michonet is particularly very trendy. Moreover, this brand is very popular with influencers today. This dress is made in a raschel knit. This is one of the most popular fabrics this fall. It also features a striped pattern, a mix of horizontal and vertical with multiple colors and gold details.

La Reina presidió el acto organizado por la @FMBBVA “Conectados por la oportunidad digital”, that mostrará the importance of the # digitalización como palanca para el desarrollo de las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad. #FMBBVAConectados pic.twitter.com/jOxZYBDLhn

– Monarquía España ⚜ (@MonarquiaEspana) November 10, 2021

Queen Letizia combined this outfit with a particularly long midi skirt. As accessories, she chose a purple belt as well as fuchsia stilettos. Although the style suggests the Italian brand Missoni which is famous for its zigzag patterns. In fact, it is a part of the Spanish brand Michonet. A coin sold for 278 euros on the web.

Moreover, this brand is worn by many fashion-savvy VIPs such as Tamara Falcó and Nuria Roca, or the influencer María Pombo.

Queen Letizia of Spain © Europa Press

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