Staying at her summer home in Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth seems to be enjoying the fresh Scottish air. On one of her walks, the Queen was accompanied by her former protection officer, Richard Griffin. The latter told The Times that he and Queen Elizabeth met a group of American tourists on the Scottish estate while they were walking. According to what he relates, the Americans first asked the Queen if she lived in the area. To this question, Queen Elizabeth humorously replied that “she had a house nearby”. The house she alludes to is none other than the magnificent Balmoral Castle.

But the anecdote continues with another even more baffling question from American tourists. Without knowing that they are facing the Queen herself, they asked if she had ever met the Queen. While gesturing towards her protection officer, the queen replied: “No, but this policeman, yes”. With this last response, tourists could have unmasked the identity of the one they were addressing, the Queen. However, as if nothing had happened, the group of American tourists simply continued on their way.

“Chances are they made a sarcastic joke”

These American tourists were really lucky to stumble upon the Queen of England herself. The fact that they couldn’t recognize Queen Elizabeth could have been one of those most embarrassing moments. However, the Queen used her wit and sense of humor and made the situation enjoyable. But it’s also highly likely that tourists may have specifically asked the monarch to introduce himself. We can therefore assume that “there is a good chance that they made a sarcastic joke”. All this knowing exactly that they were addressing the Queen of England herself.

Queen Elisabeth II of England © AGENCE

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