Queen Elizabeth II: this promise she made to Prince Philip before her death

The Queen was at Prince Philip’s bedside during his last days. Until the Duke of Edinburgh’s last breath, she faithfully held her role as wife. Right before the Duke’s death, the two reportedly made a very special promise. Richard Kay, royal expert, claims the Queen would have sworn to keep enjoying life. A promise she made to her husband who shared his life for 73 years. Besides, Prince Philip would have made the same promise to the Queen if she were to go first. “This promise was their way of making sure they could both face life without the other,” Kay said.

“Philip’s retirement gave him time to adjust to life on his own. But if he was on the phone after a grueling day, the world’s best-known duo could still function behind the scenes,” said Richard Kay at the Daily Mail.

“Whoever remained had to mourn”

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are said to have traded a lot before the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. “The Covid changed everything but, crucially, it brought an unexpected dividend between the Queen and Prince Philip during the last 13 months of her life,” according to Kay. “The two had often discussed how each would cope without the other by their side, and it boiled down to this: Whoever was left had to grieve, but not too long, then enjoy what was left of his life. “, he continued.

It is therefore understandable why the Queen had resumed her royal duties just 4 days after the death of Prince Philip. She then maintained a regular schedule facing her public functions. One thinks in particular of the summit of the G7, the Royal Windsor Horse Show as well as a recent visit to the plateau of Coronation Street.

Queen Elizabeth II © Agency

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