The Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee seems already in jeopardy. The sovereign is the subject of a most radical claim. According to comments reported Friday, April 1 by The Express, indigenous groups in Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas are now calling for his ouster from the throne. In question, the calamitous stay of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who came to celebrate in the Caribbean the seventy years of reign of the Queen. An eight-day tour during which the couple would have made a bad impression, failing to convince the Caribbean to give up their independence.

And if it is difficult to imagine Elizabeth II abandoning her crown, the matter remains very serious. In their statement published by The Independent, the coalition in favor of impeachment sets out its reasons, which go beyond the mere diplomatic hiccup. The visit of Kate Middleton and Prince William is thus described as “a so-called charm offensive [….] against the needs and aspirations of indigenous peoples and people of African descent in the Caribbean”. The groups, made up of the Bahamas National Reparations Committee (BNRC), the Advocacy Network in Jamaica and the indigenous Maya people of Belize, add, “We are united in condemning the savagery of Britain that enslaved our ancestors , the gross indecency of colonial exploitation, the brutality of its enforcers, and the lasting legacies of impoverishment and colonial-era ideologies that damaged and continue to damage our people, our society, and our economy. “.

Prince William listening

These claims in favor of a process of decolonization in the Caribbean are supported even within the governments of the States concerned. “Perhaps it is time for Belize to take the next step by truly owning our independence,” endorses a Belizean minister quoted by The Independent. Prince William, who says he is “anxious” since his return, is not unfavorable to the independence of the Caribbean peoples. On the contrary, the father of George, Charlotte and Louis is hardly surprised by these reactions. As reported by L’Express, according to crown expert Robert Jobson, Prince Harry’s older brother suspected that this trip to the Caribbean would be his last. According to him, Prince William wants the people of the Commonwealth to be able to decide their future, and would like, as a representative of the British crown, “to create a better future for the people who form it”. What augur a new gain of independence after Barbados?

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