Queen Elizabeth II: at Balmoral Castle for the first time after the death of Prince Philippe

Summer holidays at Balmoral Castle in Scotland are part of a tradition. The tradition of this annual relaxing holiday started is carried on since the time of Queen Victoria. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visit this much-loved summer residence. Prince Philip died at the age of 99 on April 9. So, for her stay this year, the Queen will be alone for a while, without the company of Prince Philip.

As with every summer, members of the Royal Family are invited to spend time with the Queen at Balmoral. We remember this wonderful family photo published after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. The photo freezes the scene of “The Queen and her late husband surrounded by their great-grandchildren in their Scottish home.” For the British royal family, Scotland has always been the place of refuge par excellence. The members of the royal family like to practice country activities there. The beautiful surroundings of the Scottish Highlands lend themselves particularly well to relaxation.

“But the work continues for the head of state”

Known for her devotion to her royal office, Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t actually take a vacation. “Every day of the year, wherever she is, the Queen receives government ministers and her representatives in the Commonwealth and in foreign countries,” it is reported. Normally, during this summer vacation, the Queen takes a step back to get away from scandals.

Given the development of things now, it is highly unlikely that the Sussexes will be in Scotland during these holidays. In addition, the sphere of royalty is currently in full swing because of the bombs that will be dropped during the release of the memoirs of Prince Harry. One wonders if the Queen is taking refuge in order to properly prepare the counterattack vis-à-vis the war that her grandson is preparing.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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