Queen: cocaine, costume party… The decadent evenings of an unhappy Freddie Mercury

Behind the glory, the rhinestones and the sequins, there is sometimes a hidden discomfort. This was the case with Freddie Mercury, who might have risen to the top thanks to his rock band, he was nonetheless an unhappy artist. In its issue of this Thursday, October 29, 2020, Paris Match draws the portrait of this talented singer who had gray areas.

As a reminder, it was in 1970 that the British songwriter formed with Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor the group Queen. Very quickly, they are recognized and reach fame. It is also the beginning of a “small party business”, as indicated by our colleagues. After-shows are multiplying and are in competition with those organized by another star of the moment: Elton John. The key word of these evenings is “decadence”. The guests enjoy the champagne which flows freely but not only, because the cocaine circulates freely. These are also servers who are responsible for distributing the drug to interested guests. In addition, “the most delirious dress codes are required” from the participants. For his part, Freddie Mercury finds it difficult to cope with what is happening to him, in particular his incredible success in the recording industry, especially since he does not dare to speak publicly about his homosexuality.

A life marked by excess and then by disease

He carries the weight of this taboo on his shoulders and lets go during the nightly festivities. He falls into easy sex, hard drugs and rock’n’roll vibes by sharing cocaine with Andy Warhol, proposing “a one-night stand” to Michael Jackson or singing with David Bowie. Excess is part of his daily life. In Munich, he spends his time in gay bars where he is not recognized and thinks of “putting an end to Queen”. While waiting for spring 1985 (date of the separation of his group), he pushes his limits a little more every evening by destroying himself, until the disease takes over. Freddie Mercury learned in 1987 that he had AIDS. He breathed his last on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45.

Freddie Mercury © ALPHA AGENCY

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