Proud Elizabeth II: her grandnephew Arthur Chatto offers herself a feat at only 21

Party time with the royal family! Left on July 5 with his three teammates, Arthur Chatto, the grand-nephew of Elizabeth II, completed his tour of Great Britain on Sunday, August 16, by train and non-stop in 42 days. A feat for the young man of 21, who can boast of having finished this adventure with his team, the Exe Endurow, made up of his friends Harry Lidgley, Oliver Dawe-Lane and Charles Bromhead. However, Princess Margaret’s grandson did not set the record for this journey, still held by The Islanders team who completed the journey in 26 days in 2013.

“We are delighted to announce that we completed GB Row under Tower Bridge in 42 days 8 hours 23 minutes 16 seconds and became the youngest team to ever tour Britain. It was a incredible moment and it was worth it “, commented the son of Lady Sarah Chatto on his Instagram account caption of a video of his arrival under Tower Bridge in London, before allowing himself a little dive in the Thames to celebrate his arrival.


Arthur Chatto ready to “exceed his limits”

Confined with his teammates, Arthur Chatto has during these long months multiplied the intensive sessions of sport with a quasi-military training to achieve his goal. And this especially for a good cause, since this tour of Great Britain was above all intended to raise funds for the charity organization Just One Ocean, which fights for the preservation of the oceans.

A feat already achieved by fourteen people before him, but which did not frighten Arthur Chatto at all, who spoke last May on this subject on his Instagram account. “It will certainly push me to exceed my limits”, how this athlete at heart who studies geography at the University of Edinburgh on his Instagram account, where he regularly posts videos and photos of him in training. Efforts that paid off for the young man.

Arthur Chatto, grandnephew of Elizabeth II © Instagram

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