Emma Thompson had the opportunity to meet Prince William.
The actress reportedly asked the Duke of Cambridge if she could give him a kiss.
The principal concerned refused the proposal.

Since his birth, Prince William has been the center of attention. The heir to the crown cracks more than one and in particular a famous British actress. This is Emma Thompson who, during an official ceremony, had attempted a rapprochement with the Duke of Cambridge. In 2018, she had the honor of being elevated to the rank of Dame, by order of Queen Elizabeth II. It was Prince William who was responsible for giving him his badge and, very moved, Emma Thompson would have asked the Duke of Cambridge if she could give him a kiss. Of a very discreet nature, the principal concerned would have answered him in the negative. “I’ve known him since he was little. I’ve always loved him. I couldn’t believe he grew up so much,” the actress later said. “I said, ‘I guess I better not kiss you,’ and he said, ‘Probably not,'” she revealed, rather amused by the situation. As a reminder, the status of Prince William and the protocol of the royal family prohibit any outside person from having physical contact. Could this be the reason why the Duke of Cambridge refused to kiss Emma Thompson?

Emma Thompson was impressed to come face to face with Prince William, whom she has seen grow up over the years. Thus, he attempted a slight rapprochement, in order to express his admiration. Not resentful, the British actress then praised her. “Prince William has been absolutely fantastic. I wrote him a fan letter afterwards,” she revealed before adding, “His face and body language were so kind and generous to every single person.” A meeting of which Emma Thompson seems to keep a very good memory. In addition, she had declared very well constrained Charles III, since she had the opportunity to exchange with him on several occasions. The actress claimed to have been very surprised by his kindness and consideration. “I asked him how he was and he said: ‘Stop talking about me, this day is not mine, it’s about you’. What a lovely man”, s she remembered. Meetings that seem to have marked Emma Thompson and of which she has very good memories.

Emma Thompson: did she see Prince William again after this ceremony?

Emma Thompson greatly appreciates the royal family and more particularly King Charles III and his son, Prince William. In 2021, the actress had the opportunity to meet the husband of Kate Middleton again. A reunion that took place during the presentation of the Earthship Prize Awards in London. Emma Thompson had been invited to present an award and she had been able to exchange a few words with Prince William. A few months later, while she was promoting the film in which she was showing, Emma Thompson had made a Zoom with the Duke of Cambridge and his wife.

"Probably not": when Prince William, embarrassed, refused a kiss to Emma Thompson

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