Priyanka Chopra: this tattoo she made in tribute to her late father

The deep love of a girl for her father … In June 2013, it was at the age of 31 that Priyanka Chopra lost her father. A year earlier, the actress had a tattoo on the wrist ‘Daddy’s lil girl’, modeled on the writing of the latter. In her memoir, released a few days ago, the young woman revealed that she had it tattooed during a trip to Ibiza, Spain, after finishing recording an album. While her father, a former surgeon was battling cancer and had difficulty holding a pen at the time, he had practiced many times in order to write down the nickname he gave to his daughter. Once Priyanka Chopra showed her the tattoo, it was by recognizing his handwriting that the star’s father was very moved by this wonderful gift.

In an interview with People, the actress explained that she had always admired her father, whom she described as a “gentle, kind and sensitive person.” While she was very close to the latter, the wife of Nick Jonas had revealed: “Since I was a child, I always wanted to be like my father. I was like: ‘I want to be the funniest person of the room. I want to be on stage and feel good like him. I want to be excellent at surgery. I want my life to have meaning. ‘”Moved, Priyanka Chopra continued by revealing that she and her father were “twins in many ways”, especially in the way they communicated. “We didn’t need to talk about my sorrows or her sadnesses. We used to sit together in silence, maybe have a glass of wine and talk about stupid things and laugh. It was our relationship. . “

“I wish you were here every day!”

When she lost her father, Priyanka Chopra was confused for a very long time. As she left India and started her career in the United States, she remembered having no landmarks. Today, she is convinced that her father is everywhere she goes. In June 2019, the pretty brunette had shared a snapshot of her father saying: “You have always known everything … So I hope wherever you are that you know that you are with us every day. In everything what I do, I think of your encouragement … In every choice I make, I ask for your affirmation … In everything that happens to me, I am grateful for your blessings. Happy Birthday Dad. I wish you would be here everyday! We love you. “

Priyanka Chopra © OLIVIER BORDE

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