Priscilla Betti is well known for not having her tongue in her pocket. Indeed, the one who became famous at the age of 11 does not hesitate to share her point of view and to make very cash revelations. This time it is about cosmetic surgery that the young woman has decided to confide in. No question for her to hide that she did have recourse to a few injections “of botox in the forehead”. “I will do it again if I feel the need, I have no problem assuming. But modifying too much is also getting lost, it will be in small touches”, she explains to Public.

During this interview, Priscilla Betti also confided in her celibacy. Indeed, the singer confides that her love situation is heavy. “I live alone in Nice with Rio, my bulldog. I have a small apartment in a nice neighborhood, a life at a hundred miles an hour because I manage everything on my own, my bills, my trips, my contracts”. The one who ranted against The Voice, explains that “I would have to find someone, because I’ve been single for two years, and it’s starting to weigh on me. The lack of tenderness, the fact to have no one to chat with in the evening… I don’t go on Tinder and I rarely meet people outside my circle. Besides, I’m not a c*l at all, I’m looking for something serious . I’m 32, I want to be a mom!”.

Priscilla Betti opens up about her private life

Always very cash, Priscilla Betti shared a rant against the show The Voice. Indeed, she does not understand why she is not chosen to be a coach. “I am asked every year to participate in The Voice as a candidate. That’s enough, I’m a professional singer! My place would be more on the jury of The Voice Kids, I would have all my legitimacy there. I made albums, but they didn’t come out for different reasons. Contrary to what many people think, I never stopped music! I don’t release albums anymore, but singing is still my job. I do a lot of private concerts for brands , weddings… I feel useful”.

Priscilla Betti: her secret secrets about cosmetic surgery, "I will do it again"


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