She was the rebellious spirit of the British royal family. If Princess Margaret was born as a wise and model little girl, she quickly became one of the most rebellious figures of English royalty. Died on February 9, 2002 at the age of 71, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II would have been 90 years old on August 21, 2020. Throughout her life, the princess has made the headlines many times British, especially for his amorous conquests. And among the men concerned, is a certain Mick Jagger.

A relationship revealed in 2012 by writer Christopher Andersen, in his book Mick, Sex and Rock’n’roll. The American author claims that Mick Jagger had an affair with Princess Margaret, reports the Daily Mail. The two are said to have met on the occasion of the 16th birthday of Lady Victoria Ormsby-Gore, the daughter of Sir David Ormsby-Gore, former British Ambassador to the United States. Upon entering the reception hall, Princess Margaret immediately noticed the rocker. It only took a few seconds for the Rolling Stones member to approach her, leaving his girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton alone.

For her part, Princess Margaret was already married to Lord Snowdon … but was also renowned for her relationships, especially with younger men. “There is a flirtation between the two of them, definitely,” said Lady Elsa Bowker, wife of Sir James Bowker, a former British ambassador. “Princess Margaret was only in her thirties, and was attractive. And as everyone knows, she was attracted to younger men,” she added.

The scandal of too many …

According to a close source, the two got closer and called each other often … so much so that Princess Margaret invited Mick Jagger to her events and parties. In the early 1970s, she reportedly even convinced the rock star to have a house built on Île Moustique, where she herself owned a property. Neither has ever confirmed the romance, but plenty of sources claim it. Only there is one person who did not approve of this relationship at all: Princess Margaret’s sister, Queen Elizabeth II. If the older sister could tolerate the Beatles, much less the Rolling Stones. “Princess Margaret had already caused a lot of scandals. The last thing the Queen wanted was for her sister to run away with Mick Jagger,” reporter Harold Brooks-Baker explained. Despite the coldness of the Queen of England, her younger sister always remained friends with Mick Jagger, until the end of her life.

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