The Dubai royal couple’s divorce is making tabloid headlines. In June 2019, Princess Haya left her home in the United Arab Emirates and her husband, the Emir of Dubai, to take refuge in London. The sixth wife of the sovereign and mother of two of his children was then at the heart of a lively controversy since she was suspected of having had an affair with her British bodyguard. For two years, she would have flirted with Russell Flowers, an ex-soldier of His Majesty divorced since 2018. Their divorce continued in London, where the judge assured that: “The father led a campaign, by various means, in the purpose of harassing, intimidating or putting Princess Haya in great danger. Out of respect for Chamsa and Latifa, it is proven that they were kept by their father’s family, deprived of their liberty “. According to information from the Daily Mail, Princess Haya, aware of being in great danger, would have tried to buy the silence of her lover.

The tabloid indeed reports that the princess gave a huge sum of money to her British bodyguard so that he could silence their two-year affair: 1.2 million pounds but also luxury gifts, a watch estimated at 12,000 books and a vintage shotgun. Russell’s wife thought he was enticed by money and gifts. She gave him lots of expensive gifts and made sure he was always by her side, a friend of Russell Flowers told The Daily Mail. When traveling abroad the princess always insisted they have adjoining rooms. When she was in the UK she would go out with him almost every night and sometimes they would not come home until the next morning . ” He continued: “The family have always been generous to their bodyguards. The Sheikh often paid between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds in tips. But the gifts Russell received were way above that.”

Princess Haya lives in the Kensington Estate

Russell Flowers’ wife’s suspicions of an affair were confirmed, according to a close friend, in late 2016 when she saw photos of Princess Haya, the daughter of the late King of Jordan, in a swimsuit. “She wanted to fight for her marriage and didn’t believe it was over and just a phase her husband was going through. Her husband denied that anything was happening with the princess, the relative assured. Haya should. be ashamed of the way she took it out on a married man. There is no excuse. It was because of her wealth and power that she was able to do it. Many lives were ruined because of this case. ” Princess Haya now lives in an estimated £ 85million house in the Kensington Estate with her two children. During the hearings, the judge ruled that she had suffered a “campaign of intimidation” by her ex-husband. He then decided to give her custody of their children and the right to live in Great Britain, where she was born and educated.

Princess Haya © © Ian Jones / Allpix / KCS PRESS

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