Is the glamorous succession of the Belgian crown assured? Heir to the throne since her father, King Philippe of Belgium was sworn in before the assembled chambers, on July 21, 2013, Princess Elisabeth is gradually preparing to ascend the throne, by learning the codes of the monarchy and by soon apprehending the international dimension of her future status as queen, by continuing her studies abroad. But if the Duchess of Brabant still has a lot to learn from the top of her 18 years, there is one area she already masters very well: fashion.

At the forefront of trends and always in outfits adapted to her age, Elisabeth of Belgium is according to the British edition of Vogue, among the most elegant princesses in the world, with in particular a style “comparable to that of the Duchess of Cambridge” , Kate Middleton. A nice compliment reported by Point of View, and which is not to be neglected as the wife of Prince William knows how to seduce public opinion thanks in particular to her wardrobe, triggering a “Kate effect” at each of her appearances, so much the parts they carry are quickly subsequently out of stock.

Élisabeth from Belgium “knows how to polish her look”

If Kate Middleton is fond of floral midi dresses as well as British brands, it so happens that Elisabeth of Belgium gradually finds her signature style, “often dressed in a feminine way, in outfits often gleaned from Belgian couturiers”, also knowing “Finding the perfect style for formal events, such as a long blazer she wears as a dress with a belt,” the magazine reports. With an “eye” particularly for details, since even her jewelry and accessories are not chosen at random. “With delicate jewelry and matching accessories, she always knows how to polish her look”, explains the magazine.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium and their children Princess Elisabeth, the Prince © Royalportraits Europe

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