Princess Diana: why two bridal bouquets were planned for the ceremony

A new documentary on the royal family recently picked up on an important detail during Lady Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding. It is undoubtedly one of the most followed events in history. We remember her, magnificent, who came down the aisle to marry Prince Charles. An event that dates back almost 40 years now. She wore a huge ivory silk taffeta dress and held a beautiful bouquet of flowers including white gardenias, orchids and lilies of the valley. In the documentary, the florist responsible for the Princess of Wales bouquet made a captivating statement. He claims in particular to have made 2 identical bouquets. An initiative taken following the request of the late princess.

MailOnline reports that this special request was made by Princess Diana during the preparations for the wedding. In the documentary, it can be seen that Lady D wanted to lay one of them at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.

“Her dress was also duplicated”

“It was very easy to deal with. She wasn’t particularly demanding. She was always charming,” says David Longman, the florist in charge of the flowers at the 1981 wedding. “The princess asked for her bouquet to be delivered to her. be laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. Lady Diana had heard this story and said, “Please can we have two bouquets?”, again according to him in his statement to The Wedding of the Century .

On the big day, it’s not just the flower bouquets that have been designed in duplicate. Indeed, Princess Diana’s dress has also been duplicated. David and Elizabeth Emanuel were responsible for the design of the 2 dresses. They worked hard to keep this design a secret. Besides, the dress sketches were immediately destroyed before Princess Diana saw them.

Princess Diana © AGENCE

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