Princess Diana: How her son, Prince William, warned her of a threat when he was still a teenager

Prince William seems to have flair since childhood … When he was a teenager, in 1995, his mother Lady Diana gave an interview to journalist Martin Bashir, for the BBC television channel. The least we can say is that the latter has made noise, especially because the Princess of Wales has confided without taboo. Nearly 23 million Britons then watched the Panorama program.

As a reminder, Lady Diana had a romantic relationship with the surgeon Hasnat Khan from 1995 to 1997. The latter finally decided to break the silence by returning to the famous interview, which caused a scandal. He believes that Martin Bashir was “cunning” in order to obtain all the information he wanted, as reported this January 8, 2021 the Daily Mail. According to him, the journalist used different tactics to achieve his ends and even the eldest son of the princess was suspicious of him, despite his young age. The husband of Kate Middleton would have declared: “Mom, it is not a good person”, thus trying to convince Lady Diana to move away from it. Hasnat Khan even assures us that his companion at the time was “manipulated”.

A “very persuasive” journalist

He immediately realized that the journalist was a dangerous person for her and that she should have “stopped dealing with him”. Delving into his memories, the surgeon fondly affirms that “one of the princess’ most attractive qualities” was her vulnerability “. For him, this is why she was “so endearing in the public eye.” Unfortunately, it is also this character trait that Martin Bashir would have “exploited” during their interview. “He was very persuasive with Diana (…) But he filled his head with nonsense”, specifies Hasnat Khan, who continues to think that this interview was “a big mistake”.

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