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Princess Diana: her brother steps up and attacks The Crown

Reality or fiction? In recent days, voices have been rising against The Crown, the Netflix series that follows the reign of Elizabeth II. The Netflix platform, which posted the episodes of the fourth season, is strongly criticized by those close to Lady Diana. And for good reason: the personality and the life of the princess of hearts are at the heart of the plot. And nothing is spared the viewers, who will gradually follow the unhappy existence of the mother of princes Harry and William. Guest on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, Lady Di’s brother shared his concern and tackled the series, which contains “a lot of guesswork and a lot of invention.” “You can hang it on the facts, but the middle pieces are not the facts,” Ninth Earl Spencer said, before confessing that he had felt “a little” uncomfortable watching the episodes where his sister is put. on stage.

“In fact, the Crown asked if they could film in Althorp [the ancestral home of the Spencer family, note], and I obviously said no. What worries me is that people are seeing a show. like that and that they forget it’s fiction, Charles Spencer continued, assuring that the facts recounted in The Crown were far from reality. They assume, especially the foreigners, that the Americans tell me that they watched The Crown as if they had taken a history lesson. ” Lady Di’s brother went on to explain that he had an obligation to “honor the memory” of the late princess: “I think it is my duty to defend her when I can. I feel that a trust has been transmitted “. Aware that these new episodes may be criticized, the cast of the series wanted to reassure those close to Lady Di. “I understand that people can be upset because it’s history. And even with Diana, it’s always very fresh, everything that happens,” said actress Emma Corrin, who plays Diana. in The Crown.

The Crown is furious

The actress also returned to the staging of the princess bulimia: “I felt that if we were trying to portray bulimia in an honest way, we had to show it, if not betray anyone who went through it. Diana was very honest about it. About his experience with bulimia, and I admire that so much. ” But the wrath of the Crown is very real. According to journalist Emily Andrews, Buckingham would no longer put up with the “pernicious lies” and “false representations” present in the series: “Too much is too much … For them, according to their friends, it is about ‘trolling with a Hollywood budget ‘and to’ present fiction as fact ‘”. And if those close to Lady Di do not understand the treatment reserved for her, those of Prince Charles either. “Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are portrayed in an unflattering manner, but they have confirmed that some scenes were invented for entertainment purposes,” a relative of the couple assured the Daily Mail. It is up to viewers to distinguish …

Lady Di and Prince Charles © ALPHA AGENCY

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