Princess Charlotte, 6, attends the same school as her older brother Prince George, 8. The Cambridge girl joined her older brother at Thomas’s Battersea School in 2019. Thomas’s Battersea School is renowned as a school of excellence that strives to instill special values ​​in students. The establishment is renowned for the rigor of its rules of conduct and their application. Kate Middleton and William’s daughter is said to be a very sociable girl and highly regarded by her classmates. At school, she even already has the little nickname “Princess Warrior”, according to Gala.

The sociable and benevolent character of the sister of Princes George and Louis is very appreciable. Only, rules have been put in place to dissuade all students from having a best friend. The granddaughter of Prince Charles, 73, and Lady Di is no exception to this rule. Thomas’s Battersea School wants to instill kindness in children. In addition, several signs with the inscription “Be nice” are placed in the establishment. Only, according to host Jane Moore of the Talk-show Loose Women, the school wants no student to feel excluded. This is the reason why, “they don’t encourage you to have a best friend,” says Jane Moore.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is allowed to invite friends to a party on one condition

If a child is having a party, there is only one condition for the child to hand out invitations. No child should be excluded. Everyone must therefore receive an invitation. George and Charlotte’s school is also asking parents to get as involved as possible. Thus, one can often see the Cambridges at the gates of the school. At home, “whole family meals mean a lot to the Cambridges, too,” Gala said.

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