On Monday May 2, 2022, Princess Charlotte celebrated her 7th birthday! An important moment for the sister of princes George and Louis. For the occasion, her parents unveiled three portraits of her, all smiles in a field of hyacinths. The little girl is also accompanied by Orla, the new family dog.

And if Princess Charlotte is very close to her two brothers, she often fights with Prince George, especially in the morning. In an interview, Prince William addressed the cause of their arguments: “Most mornings there’s a massive battle between Charlotte and George over which song is playing.” He then went on to explain that his children need to learn to share. “George gets his departure, then it’s Charlotte’s turn” he explained before adding: “It’s a really happy time when the children like to dance, have fun and sing”.

Princess Charlotte is a fan of Shakira

Amused by his daughter’s passion for dancing and singing, Prince William had mentioned, at the beginning of December 2021, that his daughter was a fan of the Colombian singer Shakira and especially of the song “Waka Waka”, released in 2010. “He There’s a lot of hip movement. She runs all over the kitchen in a tutu when she hears it. She goes completely crazy,” he said. A few days after this declaration, Shakira reacted on Twitter to this news. She had written to the little girl: “I am honored that you like my music, Princess Charlotte!”.

For his part, the Duke of Cambridge is delighted that his children listen to so much music. He also confided: “What amazed me was how much my children have already inherited my family’s love for music”. A beautiful moment that they share all five on a daily basis.

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