Princess Charlotte attended the big Christmas concert organized by Kate Middleton
The concert took place at Westminster Abbey and was shown on December 24 on ITV
During this concert, viewers could see that Princess Charlotte had burst out laughing

Alongside the royal family during the celebration of the mass on December 25 at Sandringham, Princess Charlotte was also in the front row of the Christmas concert organized by Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey and broadcast by the ITV channel on Saturday 24 December, entitled “Together at Christmas 2022”.

Natural and enthusiastic, Princess Charlotte melts the public

The big Christmas concert organized by Kate Middleton took place on December 15, and those present will remember it for a long time. Not only for the quality of the show itself but also for the naturalness of the daughter of the Princess of Wales. The concert took place at Westminster Abbey, where Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr Brown in the films, read Paddington. Princess Charlotte, very interested in the story, was more than enthusiastic during the reading. But when the Dean of Westminster also told an anecdote about his cat during his service, the daughter of Kate and William was amazed.

Indeed, David Hoyle explained that his cat really liked to sit without moving garlands which had the merit of making Princess Charlotte laugh, whose face lit up. Viewers were charmed by her naturalness and natural candor, as are photographers at each of the little girl’s public appearances. Thus, during the Commonwealth Games, they did not miss a single one of his facial expressions and antics, which resulted in some memorable shots. This shows that although they respect the protocol scrupulously, William and Kate still leave their children the freedom to be children, and do not restrict them in the expression of their emotions. Which is all the easier for Prince William as he has already had the experience at the same age as his children.

Princess Charlotte: why Kate and William's daughter had a giggle during the Christmas concert

Princess Charlotte © AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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