Princess Charlotte and Princess Eugenie share a special bond. Moreover, they are the only members of the royal family to share such a special bond. This despite the 25-year gap between them. Indeed, Princess Eugenie was born in 1990 and Princess Charlotte was born in 2015. What is this unique bond? This is their baptismal place. The two princesses were both baptized at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. They are the only current members of the royal family to have been baptized there.

This church on the Sandringham estate is the usual place where the royal family usually celebrates Christmas service. It was also the place where Princess Diana was baptized in 1961.

“Eugenie was the first princess to be publicly baptized”

The baptism of Princess Eugenie took place in 1990, a few days before Christmas. An event attended by members of the royal family. The list included the Queen, Princess Diana, and Princes William and Harry. Eugenie was the first princess to be publicly baptized. The ceremony took place after the usual Sunday service.

Princess Charlotte will be baptized in the same church in July 2015. Kate Middleton is remembered pushing the princess in a traditional Millson Prince pram. This same pram that was used by the Queen when Princes Andrew and Edward were babies. Yet Charlotte’s brothers, George and Louis, were both baptized in the Chapel Royal in London’s Palace of St. James.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge © Agency

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