Princess Charlotte: this snack she loves at only 6 years old

She is the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Princess Charlotte, who blew out her sixth candle on May 2, 2021, is a bon vivant. At each of her official appearances, she does not fail to make photographers laugh by making faces or wanting to play with them. The only daughter of the princely couple has a very strong personality. According to information reported by the Daily Mail, she has very original tastes in terms of snacks. While most children her age love all kinds of cakes or sweets, she is particularly fond of olives. It was Kate Middleton who made this funny secret by ensuring that her children liked to eat well.

At the same time, the Duchess of Cambridge said her children love to ‘make salads’ and their signature dish is cheese pasta. A simple and classic dish that reminds that Princess Charlotte and her brothers, Princes George and Louis, are children above all. Regarding the love of the six-year-old girl for olives, it could be that Kate Middleton had something to do with it. In 2018, she said she loved it. She may have eaten a lot of it during her second pregnancy and thus passed on her addiction to her daughter.

Kate Middleton loves cooking with her kids

For his part, the youngest child of the couple, Prince Louis, particularly likes beetroot while Prince George would like spaghetti with carbonara. Since they were little, Kate Middleton has loved cooking with her children. She also regularly makes pizzas with them. To believe it, they could eat it every day. In her kitchen, she spends special moments with them and creates memories.

Princess Charlotte © AGENCY

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