Princess Charlotte is third in line to the throne after Prince William and George
Giving her the title would honor the late queen and the line of succession
It was normally Prince Edward who was to become Duke of Edinburgh when Prince Philip died.

King Charles III obviously has ambitious plans for Princess Charlotte, daughter of William and Kate Middleton, now Prince and Princess of Wales. Indeed, while Prince Edward should logically have become Duke of Edinburgh on the death of his father, his brother seems to have made another choice.

King Charles III reserves a title for Princess Charlotte

Many questions had agitated royal commentators after King Charles III refused the title of Duke of Edinburgh to his brother Edward, when he should have inherited this duchy after the death of their father, Prince Philip. According to a royal source “Discussions are ongoing, but the preferred outcome for the King is that this title should go to Princess Charlotte. It would be a fitting way of remembering the Queen – who, of course, bore the title of Duchess of Edinburgh – and a way for Her Majesty to honor the line of succession.” Charlotte, who is the second child of the Prince of Wales, is third in line to the throne after her father Prince William and brother Prince George. It was when Kate Middleton was pregnant with her first child that the rules of royal primogeniture were changed to allow a girl born to the couple to have the same rights as a boy.

Thus, when Kate and William gave birth to Louis, Charlotte’s place was not changed, unlike Princess Anne, who had the same place as her in her siblings. That won’t change until her brother George has children. As soon as Prince William accedes to the throne, George will become Duke of Cornwall, then Prince of Wales, but not Duke of Edinburgh which is one of the oldest titles of the royal family. According to a royal source, “Charlotte’s position is historically significant as she is the first female member of the royal family whose place in the line of succession will not be passed by her younger brother. It is therefore constitutionally significant that Charlotte receives a such a corresponding title, because it is not impossible that she will accede to the throne if, for example, Prince George has no children.”

A title granted three times in history

As the DailyMail explains, the title of Duke of Edinburgh has been granted three times in the history of the British monarchy. Created in 1726 by George I for his grandson, Prince Frederick, placed in the direct line of succession and later to become Prince of Wales. During her reign, Queen Victoria recreated the title in 1866 for her second son, Prince Alfred. George VI then passed the title to Prince Philip when he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947. The couple then became Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, a title Prince Philip retained until his death.

Princess Charlotte: this prestigious title that King Charles III reserves for her

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