In a few years, Princess Charlotte will be the king’s daughter
The 7-year-old girl will recover a special honorary title
Since the creation of this title, only seven people have worn it

In a few years, it’s not just Prince William’s life that will be turned upside down. After Elizabeth II and her father, Prince Charles, it is the Duke of Cambridge who will ascend the throne of England. If he has been prepared since his childhood to become king of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, this is not (yet) the case for his whole family. Already aware that he will succeed him one day, Prince George is also brought up for this purpose, but not his little sister and his little brother. However, when Prince William becomes king, their daily lives will change… Moreover, the 7-year-old girl will inherit a new title at that time. Now known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, she will be referred to as the “Princess Royal”.

This honor is governed by several rules, established several hundred years ago. “HRH Princess Anne was named the Princess Royal, a title traditionally bestowed on the Sovereign’s eldest daughter, in 1987, the UK Crown’s Twitter post in 2020 read, as reported by The Sun. HRH is the seventh Princess Royal, after Princess Mary, the only daughter of King George V.” Before her, there were six royal princesses: Marie-Henriette Stuart, Anne of Hanover, Charlotte of Great Britain, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Louise of the United Kingdom and Mary of the United Kingdom. If this title is so little used, it is because it can only go to one person at a time. In fact, two members of the Crown cannot use the title of Princess Royal at the same time.

Kate and William: they too will change their official title

For example, even though Elizabeth II was the eldest daughter of Sovereign George VI before becoming monarch, she was never known as the Princess Royal, a title then held by her aunt, Princess Mary. If Princess Anne still uses this honorary title when Prince William becomes king, Charlotte will not be able to use it. On the other hand, if he is free, it will be up to King William to choose whether or not to designate his daughter as the Princess Royal. But Princess Charlotte isn’t the only royal who can change her title. His parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, could also inherit a new one when Prince Charles ascends the throne after Elizabeth II. The Duke of Cambridge will then recover the title of Prince of Wales which is today that of his father.

Princess Charlotte © Julien Burton


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