Princess Charlotte has a strong personality.
She received an original nickname at school.
She is the one who often leads Princes George and Louis.

During 2022, Princess Charlotte has made many appearances. Now 7 years old, the youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton has not failed to get noticed at major events. During the platinum jubilee, it was she who took care of scolding Prince Louis and Prince George about their attitude. A few months later, she had also reminded her big brother that he had to bow before the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

If she definitely has a strong character, the little girl received adorable nicknames from her parents. Prince William does not hesitate to call her Mignonette. For her part, Kate Middleton, who had already confided that she was “the person in charge” of the siblings, calls her regularly by her diminutive, Lottie.

Princess Charlotte dubbed ‘warrior princess’ at school

If Princess Charlotte does not hesitate to direct her brothers on a daily basis, she has also acquired a certain notoriety at school. Indeed, the granddaughter of Charles III received the nickname “warrior princess” as soon as she entered Willcocks Nursery School. A name that suits him particularly, as revealed by royal expert Katie Nicholl. “Apparently she earned that nickname because obviously she’s a princess, but she’s more of a tomboy,” she explained.

The royal expert also thinks that she could keep this nickname for many years, as revealed by the Mirror. “She loves climbing trees and she’s really an adventurer, she’s quite well known for her fiery personality. I wonder if this nickname will not stick to her” concluded Katie Nicholl. A strong personality that will be essential to support Prince George in the future.

Princess Charlotte: this meaningful nickname she received at school from her classmates

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