Princess Charlotte: this cute mistake that the little girl constantly makes about her age

She is already giving a little trouble at the top of her 6 years. On May 2, Princess Charlotte celebrated her sixth birthday surrounded by her relatives, on the occasion of a small party with much less strict protocol than that of last year, which took place in full confinement. This year, the little girl had the joy of being able to invite another family for her birthday as clarified by her father, Prince William. And if the latter during a visit lamented that his children are growing up so quickly, it turns out that he also did not fail to point out how, in addition to growing up, his daughter was gradually developing a strong character.

“If you ask her, she says she’s 16,” the Duke of Cambridge joked, People reports. And if we imagine that for her it could be a pronunciation error, it turns out that Princess Charlotte now equates her age with a certain freedom. “Charlotte says, ‘I’m six now, I do whatever I want,'” added her father, who keeps calling her ‘mignonette’, while classmates give her a much more impressive nickname. : “princess warrior”, namely “warrior princess”. “Apparently she earned this nickname because obviously she’s a princess, but she’s also a tomboy,” explained royal expert Katie Nicholl.

Princess Charlotte is the most “dynamic” of Cambridge children

A nickname that seems to reflect the already well-established character of the little girl at the top of her 6 years, she who now has the habit of stealing the show, quite unwittingly, from her two brothers, George and Louis. And in the royal family, this “ardor” is very often reserved for the second child of the siblings. “The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, had a fiery personality, just like Charlotte’s, and even she struggled to be in the shadow of a future monarch,” Katie Nicholl tells Wales Online, who describes the little girl as “the most dynamic and outgoing of the three Cambridge children”. “It is this strength of character that will be useful to her when she is older,” she concludes.

Princess Charlotte © Dana Press

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