Prince Harry reflects on his war on the media in his memoir
Prince Harry shuts down abject rumor that swirled around Meghan Markle
A tabloid had accused the Duchess of wearing Princess Charlotte a life-threatening crown

It is a rumor that had caused a stir and that touched Prince Harry. In 2019, after her marriage to Meghan Markle, the British press published several articles on an incredible story: the Duchess of Sussex would have endangered Princess Charlotte. At the time, The Express revealed “that the crowns of children and bridesmaids, including Princess Charlotte, were made of flowers that can be deadly, especially to children.” The reason ? Meghan Markle’s bridal bouquet as well as the children’s crowns contained lily of the valley, “a very toxic flowering plant whose ingestion can be fatal”. “The toxicity of thrush makes it dangerous to have around children and pets”, assured a doctor in the columns of the newspaper.

And although The Express wrote that “other brides have also used these flowers, including Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall”, Prince Harry was particularly shocked by this rumor. In his memoirs, which will be published on January 10, the Duke of Sussex returns to his choice to attack Associated Newspapers Limited, the company that owns the Daily Mail but also The Express. “Even if these flowers are ingested, above all discomfort occurs but it is only in the rarest cases that they are fatal,” wrote Prince Harry, who is annoyed with the newspaper which chose to posting ‘Meghan the Murderer story’ simply because it was ‘sensational’.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: “It’s a victory”

In February 2019, the Sussexes took legal action against Associated Newspapers Limited after the publication in the Daily Mail of a private five-page handwritten letter written by Meghan Markle and sent to her father, Thomas Markle. In January 2022, justice ruled in favor of the Duchess of Sussex and condemned the company to a symbolic book. “This is a victory not only for me, but for all those who have ever been afraid to stand up for what is right, rejoiced Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after the announcement of the verdict. Although this victory sets a precedent, what matters most is that we are now collectively brave enough to reshape a tabloid industry that conditions people to be cruel and profits from the lies and pain they create.”

Princess Charlotte in danger? Prince Harry's truth about the poisonous flower crown scandal

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