This is a little discussed possibility, but not impossible. Prince George is often referred to as the “future king”, but what some don’t know is that this fate completely depends on him. As Craig Prescott, constitutional expert at the University of Bangor, explained in the pages of L’Express UK, the choice of the throne rests entirely with the young prince, who may well decide to hand it over to the next person in the order of succession, namely his sister Charlotte. The latter has the possibility of abdicating once king, but also in advance, that is to say before the death of William. “In theory, George could choose not to be king,” says Craig Prescott. “The line of succession to the Crown is established by an Act of Parliament, and can only be changed by another Act of Parliament. Prince George should therefore make this decision before the death of his father, Prince William, and the Parliament could then pass a law making Princess Charlotte Queen (assuming she wants to).” Thus, George may bear the name of six famous kings of England, but it is not said that he follows the same course!

Royal family of england: this king who abdicated for love

The story has happened before – and fans of The Crown series will know it – with King Edward VIII, older brother of King George VI, who relinquished the throne in 1936 after less than a year. one year of reign. An abdication justified by Edward VIII’s desire to marry the love of his life, Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American commoner who did not tick the box of the ideal queen in the eyes of the royal family. Prince George, only 8 years old, has a few more years, technically, before making his decision.

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