Princess Charlotte will be at the center of all attention on Monday May 2, 2022. For good reason, the little girl is celebrating her seventh birthday. For the occasion, once again, his mother, Kate Middleton, shared two new photos of Prince George’s little sister on the Cambridge family’s Twitter account. Something to melt the canvas. Moreover, this is not the first time that the little girl has drawn attention to herself. In all her appearances, she becomes the star of the photographers with her attitudes and her always cute looks. Prince William’s wife makes it a point of honor that her daughter is always elegant in little dresses that look like a model girl.

Only, it would seem that it is only appearance since the little girl would be full of life and would never miss an opportunity to make the gallery laugh. During the birth of her little brother, Prince Louis, she once again wore a very chic little dress, but kept making photographers laugh by making faces. In addition to always being well dressed, Princess Charlotte is also always very well dressed. Whether with a braid or a crown in the hair, nothing is ever left to chance.

Princess Charlotte likes to make the gallery laugh

One thing is sure, the little girl fills her parents with happiness. On many occasions, they have been photographed collapsed with laughter alongside Princess Charlotte. She seems to always be in a good mood even though her mom has revealed she has her little temper.

Princess Charlotte © AGENCY

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