Princess Beatrice: why did her parents change her name when she was born?

The children of British royals all have relatively sentimental names. The names and surnames chosen almost all pay homage to an important figure of royalty. In addition, the granting of a first name to a newborn must be done in accordance with a certain tradition.

Indeed, before communicating the official name of the baby, parents must consult Queen Elizabeth II. This is a protocol that is more akin to an “informal chat” through which the Queen gives her blessing. In the case of Princess Beatrice, the Sun reports that the Queen would have found the first name desired by her mother a little “too yuppie”.

Princess Beatrice could have been called Princess Annabel, this is the initial name chosen by Sarah Ferguson. After telling Queen Elizabeth II of their choice, the latter suggested replacing him with Beatrice. According to The Sun, “Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew waited two weeks before sharing Princess Beatrice’s name, and the delay is believed to be due to the Queen not liking the original name they chose.”

“Beatrice, who would have been inspired by the name of the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria”

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary is the full name of Princess Beatrice. We can see directly that the last two names pay homage to his grandmother and his great-grandmother respectively. As for Beatrice, the first name would be inspired by the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria. It is noteworthy that Princess Beatrice and her husband are currently awaiting the arrival of a baby.

Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new royal baby and can only speculate on his name. It should be noted that this year the family has already welcomed three royal babies: August, a Lucas and a Lilibet. The Sun says: “Beatrice knows better than anyone the importance of choosing a good name.”

Princess Beatrice of York © Backgrid UK

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