Members of the Royal Family were present at Royal Ascot
Despite the laughs and smiles, the body language expert says all was not well
A great tension was felt between Prince Charles and Princess Beatrice

On June 14, members of the royal family made a strong outing at Royal Ascot. Prince Charles, Camilla, Princess Beatrice, Zara Tindall, Sophie Wessex, … took full advantage of the good weather. At first glance, it was a relaxed and fun day for all royals. Greetings, kisses, laughter and jokes were all there. Only, Judi James, expert in body language affirms that all was not going so well especially between the prince Charles and the princess Beatrice. These jovial interactions would have hidden the truth.

“With the joy and stress of the Jubilee behind them, the Royals huddled and gathered at Ascot with what seemed like an air of newfound relaxation, letting loose their bonds or lack of bonds amid top hats and fascinators,” Judi James told the Mirror. This expert confides that the fact that Prince Andrew was not invited to the procession is at the center of this conflict.

Judi James: ‘The expression on her face is hardly warm’

Judi James explains that Princess Beatrice’s body language says a lot about her emotions. “Beatrice leans in to kiss her uncle on the cheek, but the expression on her face is hardly warm. Her eyes are large and round, and her gaze is turned away from Charles and down. Her mouth is puckered and tight, suggesting tension or strain,” she explains.

“His right hand reaches out to touch her arm, but it’s a distant greeting. Charles has turned his own head away from Beatrice, so their cheeks are barely touching. Edo watches intently, touching the brim of his top hat. form to add an air of old-fashioned formality to rituals,” adds the expert. Which suggests that this tension is therefore mutual between Prince Charles and Princess Beatrice.

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