Princess Anne, 71, recalls an anecdote that she experienced in a horse-drawn truck while she was pregnant. Accompanied by Kate Middleton, 40, Princess Anne visited the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), on April 27, 2022. This is the first official joint outing for Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton . On the occasion of this outing, Princess Anne made a few revelations, including a relatively intimate and quite funny one. The revelation comes during the demonstration on the use of a new intrapartum fetal monitoring tool. The use of this tool helps to check the safety of babies and to detect problems with an impacted fetal head.

Professor Tim Draycott, Vice-President of the Royal College for Obstetrics and Gynecology explains the course of a typical intervention and the interest of using the new tool. The tool helps determine if the baby’s head is stuck in the mother’s pelvis, the professor explained at one point. “Stuck?” Princess Anne asked, to laughter from those in the room. Professor Tim Draycott later revealed that the mother of Peter Phillips, 44, and Zara Tindall, 40, was scared herself having been through the same situation. “She said she had tripped over a horse truck when she was very pregnant and she thought it had happened,” the professor said.

Princess Anne’s thought for pregnant women

The wife of Timothy Laurence and that of Prince William were particularly interested in the demonstration. While Professor Draycott played the part of the anaesthesiologist, Princess Anne asked a question which made the medical staff laugh. “You do that with just an epidural?” she asked.

Princess Anne also revealed how she feared one of her babies had become ‘wedge’ when she tripped over in a horse lorry while heavily pregnant.

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During the outing, Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, also met award-winning midwives recognized by the RCM for their outstanding achievement and commitment, according to People. This latest outing made Princess Anne realize the importance of educating expectant mothers about what happens to them during childbirth. “Pregnant women should know as much as everyone else,” Princess Anne said.

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