Princess Anne: this improbable exchange she had with her fans

It was Emma Dodsworth and Lisa Watkins who shared an exchange with Princess Anne. The two fanatics of the royal family had made a chance meeting and had some exchanges with Princess Anne. After work in Molton, North Yorkshire, they noticed a helicopter landing at the local sports center. At first, the two women thought it would be Tom Cruise for the filming of Mission Impossible in the area. It was only after noticing the official symbol on the helicopter that they realized it was a member of the royal family.

Emma and Lisa are big fans of the royal family. They therefore seized the chance to meet a member of the royal family directly by following the helicopter. Shortly after, an SUV pulled up and Princess Anne, 70, exited the vehicle. That day, Princess Anne was visiting the Jack Berry House, a rehabilitation center for injured jockeys.

“Go away !”

After exchanges with the crowd, Princess Anne crossed the field to join her helicopter. “Emma and I love the Royal Family so we couldn’t miss that,” Lisa of Nawton shared before continuing with “We pulled over, parked the car and ran to where the helicopter was landing, but there was only the pilot, so we started talking to a security guard who didn’t want to tell us who it was, but he ended up saying that someone would be arriving in 45 minutes. 4×4 then stopped with Princess Anne “.

Once out of the car, Princess Anne reportedly asked if the two women played football according to Lisa Watkins. After replying that they were there to see her, the princess reportedly told them “go away”. The princess had a mischievous smile and the group laughed and Lisa shed a tear.

Princess Anne © AGENCY

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