Princess Anne, 71, and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence have been traveling to Australia since April 9, 2022. The daughter of England’s Queen Elizabeth, 95, and her husband are expected to be on the trip for three days in Australia. After their trip to Australia, which ends this Monday, April 11, 2022, Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, will join Papua New Guinea. This trip abroad is part of the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The sovereign will be 96 years old in a few days. The mother of Prince Charles, 73, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew, 62, will never travel to Australia again, reports Royal Histories. As for Princess Anne, this is not the first time she has inaugurated the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence, 67, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage at the stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park. The carriage is 150 years old and it turns out to be “the same one used on his first visit in 1970”, says Histoires Royales. Recall that in 1970, Princess Anne and Prince Charles accompanied Queen Elizabeth II of England to Sydney. Elizabeth II also inaugurated the Sydney Royal Easter Show there. Histoires Royales also recalls that Princess Anne had also inaugurated the fair in 1988. Australia was then celebrating its bicentenary.

Princess Anne wholeheartedly with farmers

The inauguration ceremony was an opportunity for Princess Anne to make a speech. The daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of England referred to the difficulties faced by farmers in the country due to natural disasters in recent years. Princess Anne didn’t forget to mention the health crisis either. “I’ve seen how really tough the last two years have been for agricultural shows,” she said. “Farm fairs give city children an introduction to country life,” Princess Anne said.

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